Geoff Taylor

The improved performance alone is worth the 2+ hour installation of watchOS 5. My series 3 watch is noticeably more responsive (especially when dealing with notifications) than it was with watchOS 4.


Siri Shortcuts is cool, but – unless I’m just missing something – there doesn’t seem to be a good way to discover the compatible apps on my phone. I don’t care about it enough to poke around in every app’s settings to see if it has a Siri Shortcuts option.

I had to listen to it about three times before I formed an opinion, but Death Cab’s Thank You for Today is really good. 🎵

The VSCO preset that I used is appropriately called Sunset.

Lake Merwin, Washington

Back on after a hiatus, and I just noticed this awesome feature in Icro. 021FAA82-8F16-4F8B-A37B-DBA42379B909.jpg

I really like this new Dawes track: Living in the Future. 🎵

Staring at the world outside of the back door

Son Volt: Notes of Blue. I had forgotten about this album until it popped up in Apple Music’s “For You” section. 🎵

Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA

We’re starting to see what kind of plants the previous owners planted at our new house. I don’t know what these are, but I like the colors.

Sunset flying into BOS yesterday

Paris balcony

Cloudy day in Paris

Luthier’s workshop in Bayeux, Normandy

Anyone out there using primarily as a photoblog? That’s kind of the direction I’m going, and I’m looking for photo-centric accounts to follow.

La cathédrale Notre-Dame de Bayeux

Rose, Château de Villandry

Citroën Méhari

Rotary telephone, L’Ouest Hôtel, Paris

Sleepy cat